Symbiosis is a series of tranquil harmony connecting the artist with her brush. A collection of artworks that came to being in the midst of our current pandemic, when life began to slowly shift into normality, releasing so much inert emotional baggage.

The collection shows the victory of light over darkness, where brighter hues, softer tones and peaceful expression, emit a vision of a transformative detangling of the uncertainties that await our presence. The choice of colour, the wider brushstrokes elude a sense of relief and broadened understanding that can only come during the most reflective moments.

Another question that the collection allows is whether the struggles, frustrations, disillusionment and suppression that the lighter palette tried to be free from, have dwindled enough to be forgotten. Is there a sense of rage relief in Symbiosis? Is there a sense of inner growth?

Symbiosis is a collection that plays on the reactions and interactions we’ve learned to nurture in the past years, it’s a statement that connects to each with completely opposing emotions, it’s arte informale at its truest form – raw yet polished.