Love and Poetry

Love and Poetry

The first impression a viewer will experience when meeting Love and Poetry is fascination. Much like the other collections in Rosette’s repertoire, Symbiosis seems, at first glance, like a series of paintings upon another – and this is not entirely false due to the intense layering that each canvas goes through.


Love and Poetry is no different. The striking pale sky blue that dominates the upper section of the ground is almost neon in appearance and serves as a highly engaging prominence point in the artwork. The sporadic swirls, each of which carry texture, depth and fluidity resonate with the audience, in an orchestration of colour.

When one colour can be manipulated in a multitude of expressions, simply due to the preparation of a ground, a mystical transformation takes place. Love and Poetry is able to translate such a magical musing due to the textures and levels created in the artwork. Here the layering the artist was unknowingly guided to create resulted in a highly textured centre created through the use of paper connected to the canvas with a light selection of earthy tones, as seen in the bottom section of the piece.

At the centre, the focus point that draws the viewer’s eye in for closer inspection, is a highly textured section that is further pronounced with the artist’s use of gold leaf and warmed tonalities.

Taking a step back and reexamining the artwork; Love and Poetry is subtly asking its bystander to think, reflect and ponder on the finer details of existence.


60 x 60 cm


Mixed media on deep edge canvas




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