Light and more light

Love and More Light

Love and More Light is an artwork that duly belongs to the Symbiotic collection – but carries so many differences from the others in the range.

Where Love and Light as well as Love and Poetry portray a vibrant feel, Love and More Light encapsulates the messaging of Symbiosis though an entirely altre lens. This artwork is muted, subdued and seems as though it belongs in two-worlds. A sensation that was bravely endured by the people of 2020 and 2021, where the global pandemic shook life’s basic human needs to the core.

While Light and More Light carries the essence of the collection, it strays away slightly to offer a sense of realisation. Where the mundanities we are faced with circle though the momentum of time only to be released with the continuum to which we belong. This work of art is one of acceptance.

The oil-based blue and yellow hues marry so effortlessly yet are interrupted by the staunch blocks of brown and darker palette choices. Speckles of gold leaf litter the painting, serving as the highlights and peaks of the work.


60 x 80 cm


Mixed media on deep edge canvas




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