Based on a peachy-pink tone, Zest is a 30×30 canvas that demonstrates the artist’s use of mixed media to its full extent.

In this work of art we can note the use of acrylic paint manipulated in a multitude of applications, watered down, thickly plastered and even serving as a means for highlighting, the staple gold leaf placed at the heart of the canvas, the drips of oil either encircling the foreground or adding emphasis to an area and the radical blending of colours that seem to contrast each other in the most appealing of ways.

This is a Rosette Bonello through and through, the artist’s elements were all in line when this painting came into being. As a viewer, the experience is pleasantly captivating, drawing the eye to the bold choice of royal violet that in all good graces would never make sense paired with the vibrant orange that so boldly encaptures it.

As with many of the artworks in her portfolio, the artist chose to divide her canvas in colour schemes darker and bolder at the top and open, brighter tonalities toward the bottom section of the canvas. The wisps, drips, blurs and curves tying everything up to create a harmonious portrayal of Zest.


30 x 30 cm


Mixed media on deep edge canvas




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