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This DATE addition to the collection speaks a language that is not often expressed by Rosette Bonello. The artist here chose to give the background a light wash of subtle, muted and toned down colours, allowing the heavily drip oiled center to jolt out of the canvas and connect in an entirely abstract fashion.

The background, muted as it may be, still presents a backdrop of beautifully blended colours that work in harmony to create simple yet effective patterns with a low key demeanor. Resulting in a marbling that is rather complex to achieve, unless proper preparation and attention is given to the canvas.

The peaks and valleys created with the translucent oil used at the bottom of the canvas give the canvas its character and appeal, the gold leaf here is also obscure and seems as though it’s being encased, protected and kept close to the bounds of colour that surround it.

With every waterdown brush and heavy oil drip, this work of art meshes two techniques that in their own right compliment each other and build up the connection to the artwork.


30 x 30 cm


Mixed media on deep edge canvas




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