Flying above

Flying Above

An ethereal piece that translates space, freedom and purity, with a few speckles of life’s peculiarities. Flying Above is a 50×60, mixed media on canvas that showcases Rosette’s more composed manner.

The artist’s work is usually unbound by restrictions and rather fluid and unhinged, but through Flying Above, the viewer is welcomed to a more seemingly structured piece. There is no doubt that this work of art was approached and built in a similar technique to the others in her oeuvre, in fact all the notable Rosette features of texture, layering, levels and blending are all present here – not to mention the signature gold leaf leaving its mark at the pin centre of the ground.

But through the division of the canvas, the faint cloud-like structures at the top of the painting, the white band tainted with a streak of brown; all juxtaposed with the collection of red, blue, white and purple result in a whole other side of the artist’s hand.

The artist’s final touches of dripped oil paint, brought the canvas together and gave it new life – a fresh take on the artist’s arte informale background.


50 x 60 cm


Mixed media on thin edge canvas




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