Love and light

Love and Light

Love and Light begins with a faintly caressed canvas, with the most pleasing blend of off-white and pale blue – giving the painting a welcoming aura that the viewer is instantly captivated by.

At first glance, the subject matter is timidly questioning you, but as the viewer studies the piece, every stroke, drip, smug, crease and wash, a firmer questioning begins to take course. Love and Light is capable of translating different messaging, calling upon its viewer through different perspectives and angles.

The technique remains the same, bold, meaningful and expressive – but the colour scheme changes, diverting the messaging altogether. The human interaction with the piece seems a lot more intense, almost as if it translated the artist’s experience.

The choice of yellow oil paint used in the uppermost section of the canvas speaks a thousand words, it’s disjointed yet connected, solid yet blurred and prominent yet dull. This intriguing piece can be analysed from so many perspectives and given a multitude of reviews, but the most inspiring way to take this work in is to invest time questioning its meaning for yourself.


60 x 60 cm


Mixed media on deep edge canvas




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