the silk road

The Silk Road

Colour. Depth. Intricacy. Technique. Four aspects that give Silk Road its character, flair and intensity.

The Silk Road is a 100×100, mixed media on canvas artwork that takes the viewer through a series of stages – perhaps even the paths and journeys of life. Starting with the brighter days of early life, followed by the struggles, challenges and tonnes of opportunities shared through the most valuable segment of our existence, down to the subdued, toned down and more dispersed meanings of our presence.

The orange wash layered above the off-white streak at the uppermost part of the painting is reminiscent of brightness, light and a swarm of energy and leaks into the largest portion of the painting, where bundles of lighter and darker experiences can be showcased through the kidney shaped inserts that flank the centre of focus.

At the very core, the artist makes use of her trusty gold leaf; a symbolic representation of a Rosette Bonello. Layered with oil paint dripped across the middle ground, The Silk Road culminates with a watered down acrylic drip that plays homage to the blue tones that populate this work of art.

The Silk Road is an artwork that takes you out of your comfort zone, giving you hours of potential speculation, where each corner and segment of the work holds a secret code waiting to be understood.


100 x 100 cm


Mixed media on deep edge canvas




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