Behind a cloud is another cloud

Behind Every Cloud, Is Another Cloud

Whenever an artist chooses a name for a painting, its viewers tend to take that title rather literally. This artwork was titled Behind Every Cloud, Is Another Cloud, and taken literally would cause the viewer to search for ethereal cloud-like shapes layed upon eachother.

Rosette’s choice of artwork title is generally based upon the artistic experience she feels in her holistic approach to life, however, viewing this piece from a technical point of view, could lead to a whole new perspective.

The artist’s oeuvre is recognisable through her layering of media. This could be wet acrylic paint applied to dry acrylic paint or wet oil paint applied to wet textured paint – there are no limits. And judging by the composition of the piece and the final depiction of colours morphing together, a certain level of freedom is felt with this artwork.

Lending itself faintly to the Pink Period, this painting is an evolved insert in the collection, where the lighter purple tones, gently muted by the blue-grey wash allow for the artist’s affiliation with texture, iridescent colour schemes and contrasting palettes to shine. This is seen primarily through the vibrant pink, near-neon green and watered down royal blue.


50 x 50 cm


Mixed media on deep edge canvas




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