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This DATE canvas is a mixed media portrayal of arte informale in its purest, yet unique, form. This Rosette Bonello was left untitled, allowing the viewer an unbiased view of the work, connecting with their innermost feelings and changing as time goes by.


This particular canvas is unique in the sense that it features a white band that runs vertically through the middle of the canvas. Slimmer and more vibrant at the top, masked by the signature Rosette flair at the centre and frayed, muted and dispersed at the bottom section of the canvas.

Just above the dispersed white band is an interestingly patched beading that give the canvas its distinct look – another newly welcomed feature in the Rosette Bonello repertoire. But at the centre of the painting, you will notice the pure nuances of the artist, using statement blues and reds upon a highly textured ground where the core of the messaging is seen with the use of gold leaf.

The swirls, blocks and bands presented in this piece are inherently bound to the limitations of the canvas, but free to connect with the viewer’s perspective, ever changing and ever present.


40x40 cm


Mixed media on deep edge canvas




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