Understanding the Artist: who is Rosette Bonello?

“Honour your inner child by losing yourself in simple pleasures.” ~ Kim del Valle Walker

Understanding a work of art requires the viewer to take a step back and understand the artist. Without an artist’s background, inspiration and oeuvre in mind, a canvas; no matter how relatable can never be fully grasped in concept or subject matter. Diving into the realm of art that defines Rosette Bonello simply means engaging with the artist herself on a cerebral and ethereal level. Standing at a distance to visualise an artwork and appreciate it in its full and unobstructed glory.

So that poses the question: who is the artist Rosette Bonello?

Rosette Bonello

The artist’s background

Rosette Bonello is a Maltese arte informale artist who now calls Marsascala, a fishing village in the southern quarters of Malta, her home. A bold creator whose inspiration, drive and passion stem from her primary work in education. Rosette is a kindergarten educator who, through her students, sees the world in a naive and child-like manner, escaping the mundanity of adulthood and the strains of society’s trivial expectations.

“Children are free and fearless. Unbound by the restrictions adults are. My students are my greatest teachers – their go-for-it attitude inspires me to create with an uninhibited approach and a sense of calm. I’m forever grateful to their genuine creativity.”

Her students are her fuel, her mixed media her muse and her canvas the final destination to an uncontrolled display of pure expression. Rosette Bonello is an artist of passion and action, looking at her portfolio of work signifies life’s experiences portrayed on a canvas, open to criticism, judgement and reverence.

Rosette’s artistic journey took flight when three of her artworks were, unknown to her, taken on a trip to Italy and presented to an artistic board within Pescara’s Aurum – La Fabbrica delle Idee. The reaction to her works of art was well received and offered a spot for a solo exhibition merely two months later. The artworks were taken overseas by an Italian artist who happens to be Rosette’s partner, and once again, through the love and passions of Rosette’s life, a fruitful splurge of creativity came her way.

Rosette’s artistic approach

Rosette’s creative ability in front of a canvas was entirely self-discovered, her technique and expression self-taught and her repertoire coincidentally stumbled upon. If it weren’t for the artist’s passion and strive towards creative escapism, the artworks of Rosette Bonello would never have come to light – it is by chance, opportunity and gall that this mixed media on canvas finds itself hung on the walls of museums, exhibition halls and private collectors’ homes.

“I never call myself an artist. But I’m always happy when people really love and appreciate my artworks and when my art gives them joy. I also love it when they feel the need to touch my artworks because of their depth. That makes me feel like my job with that piece is complete.”

Much like life, Rosette’s art is a display of emotions intertwined with the experiences and the reactions attached. Rosette’s first connection with the art world inspired her technique and path instantly; Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vetruvian Man was her source of inspiration for her choice of ground – the square canvas. The gold leaf elements in her artwork are derived from the allure, generosity and compassion that she carries deep within her creative soul and the green hues from the inherent pull of nature in all its purity, balance and prosperity. Rosette’s inclination towards kindness, hope and love define not only her catalogue of works but also her as the artiste.

Rosette Bonello’s artistic exposure

Understanding Rosette’s determined yet humble and gentle nature depicts her art as a tender yet bold expression – a feat mastered by few and as challenging as it gets. Her work as an arte informale artist has been duly noted by acclaimed critics, namely Giorgio Di Genova, recognised by Rudy Buhler, founder of the Rudy Buhler Art; The Colour Project, under the patronage of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Promotion Hon. Carmelo Abela and closely followed by the art community in Pescara.

Her mixed media on canvas works have been on display locally in Malta, primarily in the prestigious Pardo Hall in Palazzo Parisio in October 2018 and through the Introspection exhibition held at the Rudy Buhler Art; The Colour Project in Marsascala in July 2020. Her international exposure is most celebrated in Pescara, particularly due to her personal exhibitions at the Aurum – La Fabbrica delle Idee in 2017 and the Museo delle Genti d’Abruzzo in 2016.