No Name

It’s not often that a painting presents both harmony and deeper, possibly even darker expression – but Rosette Bonello has mastered this dreamland to create a sense of unison in all her works, this 60×60 untitled piece is no exception.


Carrying similarity to the 2021 Symbiosis period, this DATE piece is all about the use of lighter tones that create a sense of tranquility and zen, but are quickly counteracted by the roaring use of dark, even black colouring at the core of the canvas – a feature that Symbiosis chose to eliminate to create a solid peaceful tone.

The signature gold leaf and textured layers in this artwork give the canvas its Rosette stamp of approval where depth and regality can always be expected. The most engaging sections of this canvas are the light flicks of paint seen in the mid-right section of the work.

Amidst the rest of Rosette’s bold techniques you can here see the intensity of her layering abilities, where the bottom right hand section of the artwork boasts an unchartable colour scheme that can only be achieved through laborious work and passion for the art process.


60 x 60 cm


Mixed media on deep edge canvas




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