Titled Eventually, this artwork is one of a mix-match of emotions. From the subtle white band of relief in the uppermost section of the painting to the swishes of struggle created with the faint red paint and the greater disconnection caused by the prominent red streak running through the upper section, Rosette here created a whirlwind of possibilities in what the work of art could represent.

Towards the centre of the canvas, the viewer will be met with a symbolic smear of gold – signifying the core of the painting with it carrying the most poignant hue and location upon the ground used.

The majority of the painting is segmented into four blue-lilac focus points, that in their segmentation draw similarities to a heart – possibly lending emphasis to the title Eventually, where the heart’s longing and desire is swept through a series of emotions, the golden moment right at the centre.

The artist’s faint touches of white, pink and even darker oil-based elements add to the perplexity of this piece; gaining attachment with every analysis.


50 x 50 cm


Mixed media on deep edge canvas




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