Metamorphosis is what the local art connoisseur would instantly recognise as a Rosette Bonello. From the choice of media to the seemingly symmetrical division of the canvas, all the way through the light circular whisps of orange hue that bounce of the vibrant cyan blue in the background.

It would be clear to say that this particular work of art is one of meticulous planning and concentration, but the artist’s mannerisms and approach to a blank or unfinished canvas is not generally controlled.

Beneath each layer that the viewer focuses on is a multitude of previous layering, that through the mind’s eye of the artist, led to the end point that can be seenin the finished piece. The final result is no more a surprise to the viewer than it is to its creator – giving it life, character and meaning with every additional insertion of mixed media.

While the background here is purposely left rather bare, the intensity of the overpowering blue tone is counteracted with the inclusion of white tones that help widen the depth of field, the green, brown and gold that tie in that earthy tone reminiscent of our grounding in life and the thicker baby blue brushstokes that contain the metamorphosis of the piece into one delicate composition.


50 x 50 cm


Mixed media on deep edge canvas




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