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No Name

This untitled 30×30 artwork allows the artist to make use of solid horizontal lines, prepared with acrylic paint but counteracts them with curved circular wisps that give the canvas its Rosette Bonello flair and attitude.

While this canvas is not as prominent in the attitude and intensity seen in other works by the artist, the use of black acrylic paint in the centre gives the work a feeling of pride, anger and even confrontation. Black, as a colour choice, demands respect and this DATE piece clearly beckons that reverence and humility that it asks for.

The isolated textured area in the bottom right hand corner allows for this technique to be properly appreciated, although the textured area has already been treated with its coat of acrylic paint, the lack of subject upon the area allows the viewer’s eyes to settle and take in all the creases and accents that create so much depth.

The choice of nude tones used as the background of this arte informale piece breathes space and freedom into the artwork.


60 x 60 cm


Mixed media on deep edge canvas




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