the silent watcher

Silent Watcher

The Silent Watcher captures your attention with its spiraling oil drip twirls that gently sit on the many layers that came before them. A cluster of expression lies in one condensed area of the canvas, with only mere frays outside the abstracted lines of blue-on-blue layering.

This 40×40, mixed media on canvas artwork packs in a roller coaster of depth that undoubtedly progressed over a lengthy period of time where pink washes were replaced with blues only to create an indigo glaze that is accentuated with the insertion of violet colouring, faintly noticed in the upper right quarter of the canvas.

Composed of different shades and media in blue, red, green and pink to display a well-rounded mesh of colour. The most engaging sections of the artwork can be explored through the light veins of green that seep through the mid-left section and the spotted prints that appear in the lower left areas of the work. The detail is captivating and the plymouth of gall achieved with the bolder and richer colours intense.

While the mention of gold leaf in a Rosette Bonello is, more often than not, granted, the application here is necessary. Undeniably crucial to the impact created by such a statement piece. The mastery here is magnified – a condensed painting that through its collision creates such welcoming pockets of space and air.




Mixed media on deep edge canvas




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