Love and Silence

Love and Silence

Love and Silence is an expression of warmth, fullness and wonder that is translated through the artist’s palette choice and means by which she caressed the canvas to create such depth and volcanic expression.

This 40×40 piece might faintly belong to the Pink Period of Rosette’s portfolio, but it doesn’t quite cut it in the bombastic presence segmentation that the rest of the Pink Period presents. This is a quieter artwork that evokes reflection and focus.

The calm and tranquil notions seen in the uppermost part of the canvas together with the turbulent subject matter give the title of this artwork so much meaning – primarily due to the interwound feelings of frustration and confusion that can come from love and silence independently and together.

The use of oil paint in this canvas is particular. Its vital to the execution of this work of art and allows the warmer pink, orange and even gold leaf hues to pop and speak to the viewer in love or in silence.


40x40 cm


Mixed media on deep edge canvas




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