No Name


A darker, yet more controlled and highly layered piece of art that, in complete character to the artist, leaves the viewer in a wonder of questions. Left unnamed, this particular piece is dependant of its viewer’s gaze, opening a world of possibilities to the interpretation and analysis of the piece.

Primarily, the background of this artwork in the Pink Collection is muted and discrete, allowing the build up of layers, that is synonymous with Rosette’s work, to stand out on the canvas and create a lasting connection with the public.

The most interesting aspect of this work of art is its intensity with texture and depth brought about with the looser paint drips that accumulated on the sides of the canvas, as well as the thicker grains and impasto-like effect acquired by the artist.

A seemingly horizontal line runs through the middle fo the canvas where the gold leaf addition shines brightest, only to be accentuated with the dot of teal acrylic randomly placed at the centre – drawing your vision directly to its cyan captivation.


30 x 30 cm


Mixed media on deep edge canvas




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