Gambling and art

Gambling, an activity as old as civilization itself, has been a frequent subject in the world of art. Throughout history, artists have been fascinated by the drama and tension inherent in games of chance, using them as a metaphor for the unpredictability of life itself. This article will explore some of the most famous paintings […]

Maltese Artists Paintings. Give the Perfect Christmas Gift

The Christmas season is all about the memories shared with friends and family, a number of good meals served with fine wine, some festive cheer that comes with nostalgic jingles and maybe an exciting trip to the shopping centre for the most sought after part of the festive season… presents! We all put in a […]

Art Galleries Malta : A Guide to Some Local Art Galleries in Malta.

The choice of local art galleries in Malta is quite thorough. With a focus on contemporary artists showcasing their latest series of works, together with the staple permanent collections that adorn the walls of the art galleries, Malta is lucky to provide the outlets for local artists to represent themselves in a professional and tailored […]

Art Gift Malta : Original Arte Informale Artworks by Rosette Bonello

When you’re not quite sure what to give as a gift this Christmas, there’s no better solution than an evergreen piece of art. Rosette Bonello is an arte informale artist whose oeuvre spans every colour of the rainbow in the most aesthetically pleasing tones and amalgamation of colour, depth and texture. The artwork that you […]

Art Malta Original : The Art in Malta and its Passage through Style and Subject Matter.

The art historical context for art in Malta spans a multitude of genres, styles, subject matter and theme. With the selection of art Malta has to offer, from historical depictions to religious portraiture and even abstract renditions to Arte Informale musings that capture the cerebral ideologies of the artist in question, our local selection is […]

Art Therapy Malta: Malta’s Expressive Approach to improving Mental Health

Finding ways to bring some sort of serenity to our lives is quite a common trait amongst mankind. We strive for moments of relaxation, a time when we’re able to let loose from the day’s pressures and perhaps even allow our mind and soul to cross paths in a moment of unchained expressions. For some […]

Luxury Gifts Malta can only mean one thing: Original Artworks!

Whether you’re planning on giving big gifts or small gifts this Christmas, it’s always the thought that counts. But since you’re in control of what to give as a gift this Christmas, do your best to support local, keep your gifts sustainable and as long-lasting as possible. How about opting for a luxury gift in […]