The Christmas season is all about the memories shared with friends and family, a number of good meals served with fine wine, some festive cheer that comes with nostalgic jingles and maybe an exciting trip to the shopping centre for the most sought after part of the festive season… presents!

We all put in a great deal of effort into finding the perfect Christmas Gift for our family, friends and colleagues, but we often forget to buy ourselves something nice this time of year! But with the great selection of Maltese artists’ paintings for sale, finding a good investment for your home and a nice present from you to you will not be one you quickly forget this year!

Choosing artwork for our homes is exciting. It gives you the thrill of shopping while knowing that in your purchase you are supporting local artists and adding a piece of your local culture to your home. Plus it’s a gift that never stops giving – you get to gaze upon the wonderful brushstrokes, the in-depth selection of colour and the captivating subject matter that lies upon your new acquisition.

Gifting yourself an original Rosette Bonello this year will be the highlight of your festive season and bring you joy and happiness for years to come. Choosing from the ample selection of Maltese Artists Paintings for sale is made  whole lot easier when you get to know your artist and visit their studio for a fully immersive experience in the purchasing process.

Why should you gift yourself an original Rosette Bonello this Christmas?

There are many reasons on why you should make the effort in giving yourself a unique and timeless gift this year, but the number one reason is that you deserve it. Finding the perfect Rosette Bonello artwork to hang in your home will make your festive season flourish for these reasons:

1. It’s an investment that will make your house a home

Whether you’ve just moved in or been living in your home for a long stretch of time, adding a new art piece will give your home a new found warmth. Art is also an investment that you can appreciate for years to come; it’s a timeless gift that always means something to you.

2. It’s an exciting experience that you will never forget

The process of choosing an artwork is an experience in itself. If you’re a parent taking your children on their first studio visit and inspiring them to view the creative arts as a vocation and not only a hobby. Their connection and appreciation to the arts will also encourage them to take their passions seriously. But whether you have kids or not, the experience of choosing your own specific artwork is one of the most fulfilling experiences ever.

3. It’s an ode to your love for culture and the arts

Looking at all the Maltese artists paintings for sale can only fill you with pride and respect for the thriving art scene on our islands. With local talent bursting at the seams, filling your home with the colourful representations of the various artists in Malta is an easy task. Rosette Bonello’s works are easy to fall in love with, their genuity and adamant displays of passion and devotion to her craft make them an easy purchase that will encapsulate your love for the arts, both locally and internationally.

How can I organise a visit with Rosette at her studio?

Setting up a studio visit is quick and easy. All you have to do is get in touch with the artist and fix a date that works for you. The ample selection will require a good hour of your day so make sure you allocate enough time to browse through her collections and land on the perfect new addition to your home.

You may double think it, you may question if you’re making the right choice, but truth be told it’s perfectly fine to splurge a little on yourself this festive season and give yourself a little gift that’s not at all frivolous or unnecessary.

Art brings serenity and intrigue to a space and with an original Rosette Bonello you can rest assured that the genuine displays of arte informale will fill your home with discussion, intrigue, class and admiration. There’s no better gift than the gift of art – and supporting local artists in their creative journey is a great way to make your Chrismtas all the more meaningful.