It’s that time of the year again, you’ve forgotten to order those Christmas hampers for all your clients and you’re rushed for a great festive gift for your most valuable partners in business. Now if you’re honest you never really wanted to gift a hamper, you generally leave things to the last minute and you tend to go for the easiest solution. But what if there was an ever easier solution that actually showed your clients how much you value them and appreciate their devotion to your services?

That gift comes in the form of an original artwork by esteemed arte informale artist Rosette Bonello. Her portfolio of work is easily appreciated by a vast number of viewers, making her appeal and connection a suitable gift for your business associates. Finding the perfect corporate Christmas gift doesn’t only stop at your clients though, you might even want to gift your boss, the CEO of your company or your suppliers with a heartfelt gift that you know won’t go unnoticed.

You might want to look into the etiquette of buying art as a gift before you commission that art piece and visit Rosette’s studio with eager eyes and high anticipation. Here are a few questions that might be running through your mind before buying art as a corporate Christmas gift:

Is it OK to buy art as a gift, even as a corporate Christmas gift?

Think about it this way, the relationship you have with your corporate clients, associates, partners or suppliers is not as deep as those you share with your family and friends. You might know exactly what you want to buy for your parents this Christmas, or perhaps your group of friends, but when it comes to your corporate connections, you never really know what they want or need.

Art is the perfect gift to give someone who either has everything or is quite reserved on sharing information on their personal life. Giving your corporate crew an original Rosette Bonello is a great way of either introducing them to an artist whose oeuvre is to everyone’s taste or simply gifting them with a piece you know they’ll love due to their familiarity with Rosette’s broad portfolio.

Giving corporate Christmas gifts is a great way of strengthening a professional relationship and building new connections at work.

How do you give art as a corporate gift?

When it comes to choosing the artwork you will be giving as a corporate Christmas gift, your best bet is to choose a piece that you feel will connect with your recipient well. You can judge this based on the role of your client, colleague or boss, or perhaps consult with Rosette when you visit her Marsaskala studio.

Her broad selection of artworks will give you a great choice, from warmer artworks belonging to the Pink Period, bolder collections from her Green Period, calming representations from her Symbiosis collection or perhaps even striking artworks from the collection titled Homeostasis. There’s no going wrong with a Rosette original, and with some extra thought, discussion with the artist and a genuine wish to give your connections a unique corporate Christmas gift this year.

Finding the perfect time to present your gift is also something you should think of. Giving your gift to your boss, client or partner in a busy office might not be the greatest idea, so be sure to deliver your gift in a professional setting when there are not too many wandering eyes around. Rest assured that your corporate Christmas gift will do the rounds, spreading joy and piquing interest in the rest of the office as well as in the new Rosette Bonello artwork owner’s home.

Your intention of delivering a luxury gift this Christmas will be received well and with gratitude. Choose from a selection of colour palettes, different sizes and artwork auras that all stem from the inherent passion and admiration of the arts presented by local arte informale artist Rosette Bonello.