Christmastime is all about giving. We’ve all got that special someone in mind, perhaps a client whose support you’re entirely grateful for, or maybe a friend who helped you through thick and thin these past few months, it could also be a family member who you know deserves something special this Christmas. Well, art is the gift that keeps on giving and if your Gift List features art lovers, an original Rosette Bonello is the best way to go!

Rosette Bonello’s arte informale is a definite crowd pleaser, so if you’re looking for local artwork gifts for art lovers, choosing one of her original pieces is a great way to ensure your gift will be a treasured piece this year. Finding the perfect gift can be difficult but Rosette’s works come in so many styles and colour tones that will please any art lover. They also come in a multitude of sizes that meet every budget.

The perfect artwork gift idea for art lovers

When it comes to choosing the perfect artwork, knowing what your art lover likes in original pieces is a great starting point! With the help of the artist, together with the insight you share on your recipient, you will be able to share the gift of culture and support local artists such as Rosette Bonello.

Here are a three top pointers on selecting an original Rosette Bonello artwork for art lovers:

1. Will they appreciate the addition to their collection?

Your primary concern is whether they will enjoy the piece, understanding whether the artwork you choose is to their taste and fits their style. If they already have a large collection of artworks, you might want to take note of the tones and palettes they generally go for.

Rosette’s collections feature tonalities of blues and greens, pinks and purples, light blues and yellows and always carry a regal tone with a touch of gold added to the canvas. Finding the right piece is definitely a possibility, a quick visit to her Marsaskala studio will welcome you to a huge selection of works that are constantly in production.

If your gift recipient is a new art collector, go bold and go big – not in size necessarily, but in statement. It’s a great way to allow new art collectors to explore different genres and styles while adding a touch of character and sentiment to their new found collection.

2. Where do you imagine they will display the artwork?

Having a place in mind is always a good idea, although it should not be a defining reason to buy an artwork for a person. The location you envision the piece hanging in determines the mood of the painting and identifies your intention when selecting your artwork.

Rosette will guide you in choosing the right piece that connects to the space, be it a small area, a large hall or an intimate setting. This will also lead her to ponder upon the recipient’s character and general aura. Making these distinctions early on when buying artwork for others will help in finalising your choices and filtering through the artist’s portfolio.

3. Not sure you’re making the right choice? Invite your gift recipient with you to the studio

This is an interesting experience that you and your family member or friend will remember for years to come. That artwork hanging in their living room will always remind them of the time you shared with the artist and the experience of selecting the perfect Christmas gift.

It would be wise to set a budget with Rosette before you plan your visit, ensuring that she will display the artworks that fit your plans financially yet exceed your expectations aesthetically. Her large selection of artworks will give you tonnes to choose from – limitations will not be in your vocabulary on the day of the visit.

While this experience works wonderfully for family and friends, taking this trip with a colleague might not be the best solution – if you are buying for a colleague, be confident in your decision that you are giving them a present that’s not only an investment but an entirely different gift that will stand out amongst the hampers and generic presents they are about to receive this festive season.

Landing on the perfect artwork gift idea for art lovers can be a lengthy process; but with the help of Rosette you will surely find the original piece that best connects to your client, colleague, family member or friend.

Rosette’s studio in Marsaskala allows you to enter into her realm, where all her artistic creations come to life. You might also get inspired yourself and commission the artist for a tailor-made artwork that you know will bring a smile to anyone receiving such an authentic and customised gift. Get in touch with Rosette today to explore your possibilities of finding the best solution this Christmas season.