When you’re not quite sure what to give as a gift this Christmas, there’s no better solution than an evergreen piece of art. Rosette Bonello is an arte informale artist whose oeuvre spans every colour of the rainbow in the most aesthetically pleasing tones and amalgamation of colour, depth and texture.

The artwork that you will gift someone will serve as a unique present that will stand out from the rest and also offer your loved ones a genuine memory of your care and attention to their Christmas gift this year. Giving an art gift in Malta also means that you will be doing your part to support local talent while reducing your contribution to generic consumption with a focus on sustainability.

Rosette’s artworks present a display of mixed media on canvas and come framed or unframed according to your needs and desires. Choosing the best art gift in Malta without turning to the shopping malls or online platforms can be quite hard to achieve, but with a quick visit to Rosette’s studio, you will quickly find yourself spoilt for choice, surrounded by a swarm of original artworks, one more enticing than the other.

But if you want to take your gifts to the next level this year, why not commission an artwork or a series of artworks for you and your friends or family? Here are the best ways you can work with Rosette Bonello for your group or solo commissions:

Point out which artworks in Rosette’s collection you connect with the most

By browsing through Rosette’s online catalogue of artworks you will familiarise yourself with the versatility of her portfolio and get an idea of the art gift you wish to commission. Whether it’s a large scale work with vibrant colours or a smaller piece with mellow tones and textures, Rosette will guide you on the angle you should take for your commission.

Together with your input and her professional suggestions you will commission a unique and original work of art that your loved ones will treasure and enjoy for years to come. You should know that her iconic gold leaf will definitely make an appearance whether you request it to feature subtly or dramatically in the commission.

Think about the size of the artwork and how it will be displayed

Size doesn’t always matter when it comes to good art. And with her practice of arte informale, Rosette is able to deliver stand out pieces that speak a thousand words even upon the smallest canvas.

If the size of the canvas reflects your budget, speak to Rosette for her advice and suggestions in achieving the heartwarming results you’re after in gifting such a thoughtful present this festive season. Smaller canvases will make for the perfect choice if you are commissioning a larger quantity for your group of friends or close family members while larger pieces are ideal for stand alone gifts for that someone extra special.

Discussing where you think the original work will be displayed and how it will be hung or presented in its new host’s living area or office will also guide Rosette to creating the perfect artwork for your needs.

Discuss colour tonalities, choice of medium and overall outcome

Colour is such an important discussion to bring up when commissioning a work of art. And with arte informale, since subject matter is an interpretation rather than a focus point, colour is one of the primary things to focus on.

With four distinct stylistic periods in Rosette’s oeuvre, taking a look at the Pink Period, her Green Period as well as the more recent Symbiosis and Homeostasis will guide you in making the right palette choice for your art gifts.

Texture is also a big part of the process that creates an original Rosette Bonello piece. With deep impasto or subtle layering as an option, indicate which style you think your gifts should carry. If you are commissioning a series of artworks, they don’t all need to be the same either – play to your strengths and highlight what  you think each recipient would prefer more.

Allow the artist their space to create freely; it’s their passion afterall

This might be the most important point of all! The creation of art is an expression, and for Rosette; her ultimate passion. Whenever you commission an art gift in Malta, be sure to allow your artist space to breathe and create freely, this is how the magic happens and ultimately why you turned to your particular chosen artist for their commission.

With these key points in mind, your gifts this year will definitely be the highlight of Christmas Day! Just imagine your loved ones faces when they open their gifts to find an original Rosette Bonello is now theirs for the keeping! Can there be any better art gift in Malta this year?