There’s nothing more satisfying as an artist than to see your work displayed in an exhibition hall packed with viewers fawning over your work. The look of curiosity, intrigue and fascination on their faces brings an artist’s heart to life. This experience is generally achieved through the efforts of an exhibition and luckily the public has had their fair share of Rosette Bonello’s captivating art exhibitions in Malta and Italy.

Rosette Bonello is an Arte Informale artist whose work is determined by the colour, texture and depth that she applies onto her canvases with various mixed media. With a firm basis in expression, arte informale is rooted in abstraction that delved deeper into the emotions and influences of an artist through their ground. With every brushstroke, Rosette channels a tender yet bold expression that, much like her personality, resonates with its viewers creating appeal and connection.

What is an art exhibition?

An art exhibition is a great opportunity for any artist, budding or established, that allows the public to familiarise themselves with the creator’s oeuvre. Thought of as a viable entertainment source, art exhibitions in Malta are rather popular within the many galleries found across the islands.

The purpose of an exhibition is to generate interest in an art form, connect with the masses though an untranslatable language that speaks directly to the innermost parts of a viewer’s soul or psyche. Rosette’s art is an eye-pleaser that communicates in a multitude of ways depending on the viewer’s mood, frame of mind or intention. Being able to resonate on Rosette Bonello’s work as a whole during an exhibition within a gallery or museum hall is one for the Bucket List.

Rosette Bonello’s Art Exhibitions in Malta

Being deemed worthy of a solo exhibition is quite a feat for any visual artist. Rosette Bonello is talented enough to have been showcased in both Malta and Italy with solo exhibitions that presented the crowds with a portfolio of series belonging to the Pink Period and the Green Period – two iconic phases in the artist’s life that truly brought out the best of her capabilities at the easel.

Her two local exhibitions took place at Rudy Buhler Art; The Colour Project where Introspections took centre stage as the focus exhibition in July 2020. An earlier art exhibition in Malta, under the patronage of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Promotion Hon. Carmelo Abela, took place in October 2018 held at the Pardo Hall in Palazzo Parisio Valletta. In the same year Rosette’s work was on display in Valletta during the Notte Bianca festival.

Rudy Buhler Art; The Colour Project, Marsaskala, Malta, 2020

Some of Rosette’s most infallible works were presented in the 2020 rendition held at Rudy Buhler Art – with crowd pleasing favourites such as Pandemia, a subtle yet invigorating series called Attraction and Faith 2 – a tranquil work that truly speaks to the soul.

Faith 2 takes the viewer on a journey. With the fresh colour scheme and carefully composed palette, this rendition captures the freedom from turmoil that the global population experienced during their time in lockdown, self-isolation and introspection due to the pandemic of 2019. The escape from the seams, the muted tones and the sparks of colour flicker upon the canvas as life slowly returned to the new normal we were bound to accept. With a speck of faith and a leap in humanity, this artwork came to life.

Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Trade Promotion, Pardo Hall, Palazzo Parisio, Valletta, Malta, 2018

During this early exhibition, Rosette highlighted her work that from its infancy featured gold leaf as a focal point in her messaging and tone of an artwork. The depth and texture that Rosette is able to achieve is always translated onto canvas; but with this 2018 exhibition, the numbing of colours was a stand-point that the artist wanted to draw attention to. The collection featured pieces such as Light and Towards the Light – both of which convey subtle messaging of turmoil and triumph.

Towards the Light is an artwork of muted tones that meld into each other blissfully and effortlessly. The harmony created in the subtle dabbing of base tones as well as the seeping of colour into the subject centre is what gives this piece character and a sense of serenity.

While holding an art exhibition in Malta is already a feat, when a local artist secures a solo exhibition overseas, there’s somewhat more of a celebration to be thrown. With a 2016 showing at Pescara’s Museo delle Genti d’Abruzzo and a 2017 personal exhibition at Pescara’s Aurum – La Fabbrica delle Idee. Both exhibitions were met with great enthusiasm and received well with the public. In 2015, Rosette also exhibited her work in the Milan Expo.

Both exhibitions held overseas showcased Rosette Bonello’s artwork in their best light. With iconic pieces such as Separazione, Dolmen – Rinvenimento, Il-Giardino del Vero and Uno Spettacolo di Liquidi Densi di Luce e Colore appearing in the Aurum exhibition of 2017 and Una Porta Verso L’Universo, Volo di un Sogno, Un Impronta nel Tempo and many others exhibiting at the Museo delle Genti d’Abruzzo in 2017.

Art exhibitions is Malta are a magnificent way to spend your evening, with a glass of wine, good friends and perhaps even a run in with the artists themselves. Finding time to appreciate art in its true habitat – within an exhibition hall, is a short step away from housing the artwork that most resonated with you in your own home. Providing the perfect outlet for reflection, question and reason. Art allows the mind to wander and examine; a genuine source of expression that touches the soul, psyche and third eye.