Whether you’re planning on giving big gifts or small gifts this Christmas, it’s always the thought that counts. But since you’re in control of what to give as a gift this Christmas, do your best to support local, keep your gifts sustainable and as long-lasting as possible. How about opting for a luxury gift in Malta that will give your girt receivers a forever memory of you? What about an original artwork by Rosette Bonello?

Luxury gifts in Malta might be hard to come across on such short notice, but a quick visit to arte informale artist Rosette Bonello’s Marsaskala studio will open the doors of possibility with a selection of fine original artworks for the whole family and also your friends list.

Her style of art is versatile and adaptable from different colour tones and textures to highlighted accent points in the painting. Finding the perfect luxury gifts to tick off your Christmas Shopping list is easy, but we’ve made it even easier by compiling this list of potential luxury art gifts to bring home the festive cheer to all your family and friends. Here they are:

The Soft and Delicate for your Grandparents

When it comes to your grandparents you want to give them an artwork that brings some serenity into their home while reminding them that colour and energy are two great factors that should feature in their home. Rosette’s collection is stacked with soft and delicate pieces, especially those within the Symbiosis series.

Love and Poetry, mixed media on canvas, 60×60

This painting is striking and captivating, but in a soft and delicate way and will resonate well with your grandparents’ calm and collected energy. Even though the palette is subtle and faint, the impasto layers and bold choice of blue pigment add a certain character to the painting that truly uplifts the work. This would make for a perfect addition to your grandparents’ collection.

The Bold and Charismatic for your Parents

Giving your parents a luxury gift this Christmas needn’t be a huge hassle. Get your siblings together and pool in for a stunning canvas prepared with love and passion, or spring for the luxury gift yourself for some extra favourite child points. Go for a bold and charismatic piece that instantly connects with your parents’ aura. Perhaps a piece from the Pink Period will work best.

Behind Every Cloud is Another Cloud, mixed media on canvas, 50×50

This colourful depiction is imbued with the energy and creative flair that Rosette Bonello transmits onto canvas so effortlessly. Every brushstroke, every dab of paint and every crease in the canvas give the painting character – perhaps similar to the way your parents nurtured you in your upbringing. Show your parents how much you value them with a luxury gift that will always remind them of you.

The Moving and Exciting for your Spouse

Choosing the perfect luxury gift for your spouse is not always an easy task, it is perhaps the hardest of all the recipients on your Christmas Shopping List. Whether they’re easy to choose, asked for a specific gift or one of the most difficult people to buy a festive present for, you can’t really go wrong with an original artwork to hang within your home, can you? And the best of Rosette’s styles to choose from; a choice from her Green Period.

Metamorphosis, mixed media on canvas, 50×50

The perfect gift for your spouse, with a glorious display of colour and texture that translates so effortlessly onto the canvas. Show your love and admiration for your better half with an original artwork that is both moving and exciting with hints of adventure and reflection in the piece too. Metamorphosis is a feature piece that will make for the perfect luxury gift this Christmas.  

The Warm and Energising for your Besties

There’s no one like your best friend! And if they love art, collect local art works or appreciate a luxury gift then an original Rosette Bonello is definitely the perfect Christmas present this year. Make sure your choice of artwork for them reflects the good times you have together with an energising energy that will always bring a smile to their face as well as a reflection the warm and tender moments that get you through all the tough times to warm your heart and remember how much you need one another. Perhaps the best style to choose from would be Rosette’s Homeostasis.

No best friend is the same so choosing the perfect gift from Rosette’s selection in the Homeostasis collection would require some additional thought and care. Opt for a bold and robust piece for your warrior friends with this 30×30 canvas or an eclectic and free spirited painting with a palette as colourful as their character with this 40×40 work.

There’s no  limit to what you feel will work for your nearest and dearest, so get in contact with Rosette today and book a studio visit to ensure you make the right choice in choosing the best luxury gift in Malta for your Christmas gifts this holiday season.