The choice of local art galleries in Malta is quite thorough. With a focus on contemporary artists showcasing their latest series of works, together with the staple permanent collections that adorn the walls of the art galleries, Malta is lucky to provide the outlets for local artists to represent themselves in a professional and tailored manner that allows their art to speak for itself and convey a meaningful message to its viewers.

What is an art gallery?

When art is displayed for the public to enjoy it is usually housed in a cultural entertainment centre such as an art museum or an art gallery. This space allows artists to display their art for the public to view, students to learn and art historians to get lost in.

The major difference between an art museum and an art gallery is the purpose of the building. While both spaces are intended to exposure their visitors to great art, museums hold permanent collections of art that either belong to the museum itself or are on loan from private collectors. Art galleries are spaces where visitors can enjoy two primary features, the cultural entertainment of viewing art as well as purchasing the artworks they grow attached to for display within their own homes.

Galleries are also needed in the artistic society to provide a safe and accessible space for the art community to view works in their best setting, where lighting, temperature control, display and care for the works is always at its optimum. Galleries are intended to be the platform where local artists display their works for financial gain.

Art galleries in Malta are set up with contemporary works of art by artists whose portfolios are ever growing, as well as by artists whose attachment to the paintbrush is no longer viable. Art gallery owners in Malta always look for the best artists, seeking our current talent and providing a stage for local art to be explored and purchased as gifts, investments or simple aesthetic appeal. Here are 4 of the art galleries in Malta you should visit:

Valletta Contemporary, East Street, Valletta

This exhibition hall is where local artists showcase their collections within the contemporary setting of the gallery. Valletta Contemporary welcomes both local and international artists to exhibit their work within the 400-year-old former warehouse that has been aesthetically updated to fit the style and creativity of the art gallery’s mission.

This art gallery in Malta’s capital is bring together local and international artistic representation while creating a hub for creativity that will encourage younger generations to explore the arts and represent themselves through colour, expression and aesthetic!

Spazju Kreattiv, Pjazza Kastilja, Valletta

Spazju Kreattiv is Malta’s National Centre for Creativity where artists of every genre from dance to theatre, photography to the visual arts are given a platform to express their talents and passions. Spazju Kreattiv is situated in front of Castille Palace and forms part of St James Cavalier as an expressive hub for artists of all ages.

With a focus on quality, expression, creativity and community this space is one that should constantly be on any art lover’s radar. Their focus on a myriad of art forms means that there is always something interesting for viewers of all preferred genres of art.

Allura Art, Online Gallery

Allura Art provides art collectors with an online viewing opportunity, allowing them to purchase contemporary artworks created by artists extending their portfolios in Malta. With artists who are both local and international, Allura Art is all about providing art enthusiasts with the perfect platform to view high-quality pieces with the intention to add to their collection.

Throughout the website you will find a number of local artists, along with the supremely engaging works of Rosette Bonello. The selection of artworks listed on Allura Art displays Rosette’s broad use of colour and styles that fit into each genre that she has created along her artistic career. Such artworks can be viewed in-person with direct contact to the artist’s workshop.

Rudy Buhler Art, Triq is-Salini, Marsaskala

Rudy Buhler Art is an art gallery in Malta’s southern area. Situated in Marsaskala this relatively new gallery is set up to represent local artists and their oeuvre, with displayed artworks throughout the gallery. This space is a hub for collectors and aficionados to visit with and view the extensive displays up for sale. During your visit to this art gallery, you might also be able to take a look at the current exhibition on display; with frequent curation projects taking place on site.

Within Rudy Buhler Art you will also be able to view some of Rosette Bonello’s collection with the possibility to buy also! These artworks on display are a rendition of Rosette’s creative process that hang within the locality of her hometown – a treasured spot where the majority of her great works came to life.

With a keen focus on the arts and their representation of creativity within our culture, Art Galleries in Malta will continue to pop up and represent local talent in their best light. Apart from the two hubs from which you can purchase or inquire about Rosette Bonello’s art, you can also visit our contact us page to gain some more insight on a studio visit where you can choose from the great selection of artworks available for sale directly from the artist herself.

Get in touch with us today to find out more on how you can acquire your very own Rosette Bonello original.