Finally ...


An artwork infused with soulful expression, playful charm and informal meaning. Finally… is the artwork in Rosette’s portfolio that most characterises her willingness to create according to her muse – mixed media.

A subtle green coating preps the canvas for its destiny, unbeknown to the artist where it might take her. Layers upon layers of expression and connection transform the abstractions seen upon this primed ground to take flight into a concoction of colour, texture and a seeming darkness that bellows through the light.

Once again, the upper third of the canvas is swallowed by a thick, white stroke with elements of pink, yellow and purple seeping through, nullifying the purity of the neutral base upon which it lies. And from the calm grows the storm of regal greens, rich purples and the trademark gold leaf – all pertaining to an influx of agitation, quickly silenced by the contrast and complexity seen when taking a step back and seeing the work as a whole.

A larger work of art that addresses the viewer firmly, dominating their attention – leaving them unable to break the piercing expressions of intensity.


100 x 100 cm


Mixed media on deep edge canvas




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