Metamorphosis is what the local art connoisseur would instantly recognise as a Rosette Bonello. From the choice of media to the seemingly symmetrical division of the canvas, all the way through the light circular whisps of orange hue that bounce of the vibrant cyan blue in the background. It would be clear to say that […]

The Traveller

The Traveller

The Traveller is an artwork that relies on the muted atmosphere it creates. From the jade green and barely noticeable orange and pink patches at the top of the canvas, Rosette here presents her following with a distinguished addition to her Green Period. If layering was ever to be noticed in the artist’s approach to […]


Finally ...

An artwork infused with soulful expression, playful charm and informal meaning. Finally… is the artwork in Rosette’s portfolio that most characterises her willingness to create according to her muse – mixed media. A subtle green coating preps the canvas for its destiny, unbeknown to the artist where it might take her. Layers upon layers of […]