Malta Art Exhibitions : Malta’s Art. From Cave Paintings to Contemporary Exhibitions

The history of Malta’s art is quite intense. You can study the development of artistic growth on the island through the application and manipulation of materials, the techniques adopted in application of different grounds as well as the development of subject matter and artistic focus. In theory, Malta’s art has always been on exhibition, appreciated […]

Modern Art Malta? What was the modern art scene in Malta like?

Understanding the local modern art scene takes quite a bit of research and analysis to fully comprehend. The international art scene was thriving, colours, shapes, expression seemed to stem from every corner of the world and Malta, although small in size and diminutive in influence was in a way catching up with the artistic expressions […]

5 Maltese artists who pioneered the local Modern Art Scene

The local art scene has been in development since the introduction of cave art on the Maltese islands, created a huge surge in cultural awakening during the rule of the Knights of St John and kept developing until today where Maltese artists such as Rosette Bonello create for the sake of creating – as a […]